SeaDek is a superior alternative to marine carpets and traditional moulded non-slip products. It is made of UV-resistant closed-cell PE/EVA foam designed to withstand harsh marine conditions. It does not absorb water and offers exceptional traction whether wet or dry. Its shock-absorbing properties provide maximum comfort on the water and fishers appreciate its sound dampening effect. SeaDek is completely customizable and looks great on boats of all sizes.
SeaDek uses an acrylic-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive for a strong bond and easy peel-andstick application.
Yes. SeaDek adheres very well to most moulded anti-slip products and aggregate-style anti-slip paints (if properly applied and maintained), provided that the surface has been thoroughly cleaned prior to installation. For very rough textures, we recommend sending photos or obtaining samples to conduct tests.
The best way to clean your SeaDek cladding is with SeaDek’s Dek Magic, which is specially formulated for PE/EVA foam. If Dek Magic is not available, you can easily clean your SeaDek with soap, hot water, and a stiff-bristled brush. Certain household cleaners can be used on harder to clean areas. Do not use acid-based cleaners like MaryKate hull cleaner.
SeaDek products are guaranteed to be free of defects at purchase. The PE/EVA blend has a threeyear warranty on materials and manufacturing.
Like many floor coverings, darker colours naturally get hotter in the sun. That being said, SeaDek does not get too hot to stand on and the heat dissipates very quickly due to the material’s closed-cell structure.
SeaDek is highly stain-resistant, but certain substances, like fuel stabilizers, bird droppings, rust, and mustard can be problematic if not promptly cleaned. Act quickly when such substances are spilled to ensure easy removal.